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  • "Further" Behind the Scenes With Jeff Corsi

    We recently had the chance to sit down (on separate devices across the world) with our good friend Jeff Corsi to learn more about his time here in ...
  • An Evolutionary Tale: The Loaded Symtail


    Staying true to Loaded’s foundational passion for carving and pumping in a lively flex-camber profile, the Symtail also empowers riders to explore freestyle and dancing maneuvers with its symmetrical shape and nose and tail kicks. It’s a classic concept for a contemporary carver looking to pump and flow through parking garages, city streets, back roads, and anywhere in between.

  • A Simple Tale on Self Actualization and Personal Autonomy

    By Ari Chamasmany 03-07-24 I drew a lot of my influence from longboard surfing, which I was into long before I started skateboarding. When there w...
  • PODCAST: The Loaded Boardcast Celebrating 21 Years of Loaded

    We created four podcasts to celebrate 21 years of Loaded.  We had a blast making these and hope to continue to create unique and interesting interviews for your ears and eyeballs.
  • Celebrating 21 years of Loaded Boards (Barely Legal?)

    It’s been 21 years since the launch of Loaded Boards starting with the launch of the original Vanguard.  There’s a ton to be grateful for, lots to celebrate, so many amazing people to appreciate, bucket loads of good times, some hard times, a lot of mistakes and a whole bunch of significant learnings. Most importantly, we're having more fun than ever and hope to continue this adventure for as long as possible.
  • A conversation on the makings of the Onirique

    The Onirique is live.  Don and Jeff chat about how that came to be.
  • The Past is a Dream. The future is Electric. The Evolve x Loaded Onirique E-Skate

    Finally!  We've been friends with and inspired by the Evolve crew for over a decade.  The elaborating mating ritual was worth the wait.  Introducing the Evolve Onirique:  A brand new high performance e-skate, featuring an exclusive deck that we designed for Evolve around their new (and objectively awesome) longer range e-skate technology. Featuring your choice of Orangatang Caguamas.

    In our biased opinion, it's the finest little e-skate ripper in the world.

  • Introducing Kyoto Skate and Longboard Bags

    We're stoked to now carry the new Kyoto skate and longboard bags on loadedboards.com
  • Shop Spotlight: Venice Skateboarding Stuff

    "Venice is such an open scene, there’s something different going on every day. I love how free people can be and despite it being a little crazy around here, it is home for my family I."
  • The Push, While Seated. Back Home with Rick Stubblefield

    Shred ‘till you’re dead!

    It was pretty incredible on a daily basis. There were plenty of times where things would change dramatically every twenty miles or so.  Going from the most serene (beautiful pavement,  the smell of flowers, gorgeous views) to the most terrifying (no shoulder, trucks barreling by at breakneck speeds and rough pavement) and then back to serenity.  An ever changing rotation of beautiful scenery and scary traffic.

  • Step Aboard the Loaded Fathom


    Introducing the Loaded Fathom, the longboard that blurs the boundaries of what a skateboard can be.

    The Fathom is one of the easiest boards to ride in the world and a ton of fun. Built around the new Loaded Zee Bracket truck mounting system. With large wheels and a low ride height, the Fathom reimagines soulful commuting and urban exploration.

  • Miles Kipper Interview July 1st 2023. From the Road.

    "I was so busy prepping for this trip.  We worked so hard to get to this point.  Preparation, training, and personal work.  But once it’s started you need to slow down and be present.  Here I am, doing something I love all day, everyday.  Sometimes really not loving it, but then turning a corner and the cross wind becomes a tail wind.  You never know what’s around the corner when you’re making the space for it.  It’s life distilled.  Life happens. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it sucks. But keep the mental positivity and just push through till you crest the next hill. Sometimes you go from pissed to Nirvana.

    But after this trip I’m gonna hide my skateboard in a closet for a week."