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  • "Further" Behind the Scenes With Jeff Corsi

    We recently had the chance to sit down (on separate devices across the world) with our good friend Jeff Corsi to learn more about his time here in ...
  • A Simple Tale on Self Actualization and Personal Autonomy

    By Ari Chamasmany 03-07-24 I drew a lot of my influence from longboard surfing, which I was into long before I started skateboarding. When there w...
  • Celebrating 21 years of Loaded Boards (Barely Legal?)

    It’s been 21 years since the launch of Loaded Boards starting with the launch of the original Vanguard.  There’s a ton to be grateful for, lots to celebrate, so many amazing people to appreciate, bucket loads of good times, some hard times, a lot of mistakes and a whole bunch of significant learnings. Most importantly, we're having more fun than ever and hope to continue this adventure for as long as possible.
  • The Push - A Skateboard Relay Across America Update #2

    Donnie Sandusky from Hamboards shares his experience meeting up with the crew at the beginning of the trip.  The good, the bad, and the Andy.  
  • Would You Push Across America? 🛹🌎

    The Push: A Skateboarding Relay Across the United States

    Today, the team of Paul Kent, Miles Kipper, Andy Andras, and Rick Stubblefield will attempt to set the fastest known time for a skateboarding relay across America. The push began on the morning of June 20th in Williamsburg, Virginia and will finish in Newport, Oregon. Read on for history on previous cross country trips and details about this trip.  More posts to come.

  • Welcoming Jeff Corsi

    We’re stoked to bring the almighty Jeff Corsi to the Loaded family!

    With his iconic fast-footwork and mind bending dancing combos, Jeff brings a strong passion for the longboard dancing community and a love of spreading the shreducation!

    “Thrilled to be back on the board I used to ride 9 years ago... I started my riding path with Loaded and I will finish with. As everything in life, it’s a loop.” - Jeff

    Follow Jeff on Instagram: @jeff__corsi

    Learn more about Jeff's boards of choice: the Bhangra V2 and Mata Hari