Loaded Longboard Buyers Guide

Picking your first or even second longboard can be an overwhelming decision

Compared to traditional skateboards, longboard have several subtleties in their design and setups that can drastically change the riding experience from one board to another. With this helpful guide, Loaded is happy to help boil down your options into easily digestible categories to give you the knowledge you need to choose your next ride and get you on board.

Loaded's guide to selecting longboards breaks down the options into different categories to aid in making an informed decision. It covers hybrid boards, which merge traditional skateboard features with longboard designs for versatility in tricks and comfort in commuting; dancing boards, offering spacious platforms for footwork and social skating; carving boards, focused on flex and performance for adventurous rides; and downhill/freeride boards, designed for stability and control at high speeds. Each category, including models like the Loaded Poke, Kanthaka, Bhangra, and Chubby Unicorn BloodSlayer, caters to specific preferences while allowing for versatility in riding styles. The guide encourages riders to explore different styles to enhance their longboarding experience.


Commuting longboards are crafted for the urban traveler seeking efficiency and comfort in their daily ride. Unlike traditional skateboards, these boards are specifically designed to make your journey smoother and less tiring. While you can commute on virtually any board, models like the Loaded Fathom stand out for their commuter-friendly features.

Embark on an unparalleled skateboarding journey with the Loaded Fathom, a longboard that redefines urban commuting. This board features a 33 length, 9.25 width, and a unique Loaded Zee Bracket system for stability and ease of ride. Ideal for both novices and experienced skaters, the Fathom offers a low ride height for effortless pushing and large wheels for smooth coasting over urban terrains. With its 8-ply maple construction and choice of 105mm or 85mm wheels, it's perfect for fast commuting, exploring, or just cruising around town. Experience the thrill of skateboarding with the Fathom's stable, responsive design, and adventurous Polynesian-inspired graphics.
Fathom by Loaded Boards


Dancing longboards feature a spacious standing platform and longer length to give the rider maximum space for skating with friends or doing fancy foot work maneuvers. Though most larger sized longboards can feel heavy and cumbersome, the Loaded Mata Hari, Loaded Bhangra and Loaded Tarab are designed to give you an agile ride and unique riding experience thanks to their different flex patterns. Be sure to check out their board pages to make sure you are getting a dancing board that fits your preferences.

Explore the cutting-edge Loaded Mata Hari longboard, perfect for dancing and freestyle skateboarding. This compact, lightweight board offers a 44.5″ length and 9.25″ width with adjustable wheelbases (27.25″ to 29.25″) for tailored performance. Enjoy its strong, bamboo and fiberglass construction, poppy kicktails, and Art Deco graphics. Ideal for all skill levels, the Mata Hari features a versatile design with options for stability in dancing and agility in freestyle. Recommended with Paris V2 180mm trucks, Orangatang 65mm wheels, and Loaded Jehu V2 bearings for an optimal skateboarding experience.
Mata Hari by Loaded Boards
Designed for the fanciest of footwork, the Bhangra longboard offers a spacious platform with plenty of room for all your dance moves yet is nimble enough for advanced freestyle tricks and steezy slides. Ideal for dancing/freestyle gurus and surf-style aficionados looking for the smooth and graceful ride of a true “long” board. With a length of 48.5 inches, this longboard is perfect for carving, cruising, pumping, and even snowboarding. So, get ready to hit the streets and show off your moves on your very own mobile dance floor.
Bhangra by Loaded Boards
Tarab by Loaded Boards
Tarab longboard, 47 inches, perfect for dance and freestyle, offering lightweight design, durability, technical features like rocker, concave, symmetrical shape, kicktails, and specialized griptape for dynamic movement.


Carving boards are designed with flex in mind. Using unique concaves and outline shapes, these boards offer the rider a high performance ride that makes every trip to the store or around your neighborhood an adventure.

The Loaded lineup offers two different types of carving boards.

Top-Mounted carving boards offer a blend of traditional longboards and high performance flex patterns usually found in snowboards. A top mounted carving board provides the user with responsive turning and a spacious standing platform to move around on. If this sounds like your style, then check out the board pages for Loaded Vanguard and Fattail for more details on which one fits your needs.

Drop-Thru Carving boards are designed to give the user the most comfortable and efficient ride for pushing and commuting. Sharing many similarities in performance to the top-mounted carving boards, drop-thru carving boards differ by being significantly lower to the ground to reduce ride height and fatigue from pushing. The Loaded Icarus, Dervish Sama and Tan Tien all feature drop-thru mounting. Find out what makes each one unique by visiting their board pages.

Designed as an intuitive drop-through carving and pumping board, the Dervish Sama offers a blissful experience for both beginners and experienced riders. With its low profile and easy ride, it is perfect for cruising around town. Inspired by snowboarding, it provides a soulful ride and allows riders to explore longboard dancing and freestyle. With a length of 42.8 inches, it is suitable for various riding styles including carving, freestyle, freeride, and commuting.
Icarus by Loaded Boards
The Carving Board, Reimagined - The Icarus: Combining functional and ergonomic wheel flares, vibration-damping cork, a balanced flex pattern, and novel manufacturing methods, the Icarus is a milestone in Loaded's exploration of the soulful carving experience. With a length of 38.4 inches, this versatile board is perfect for carving, pumping, freeride, freestyle, and commuting styles.
Tan Tien by Loaded Boards
Tan Tien longboard, 39 inches, designed for carving precision, freestyle flexibility, freeride stability, and commuting comfort with a flexible deck, drop-through mounts, and dynamic contours for confident turns and tricks.
Vanguard by Loaded Boards
Vanguard longboard, available in 38 and 42 inches, for carving, pumping, commuting, and freeride styles. Features lightweight, snowboard-inspired construction with camber, sidecuts, and high-energy flex for a responsive ride on pavement.
Chinchiller by Loaded Boards
Experience the ultimate ride with the Loaded Chinchiller longboard, perfect for carving, pumping, and playful tricks. This 34″ long and 8.5″ wide board boasts a symmetrical shape with mild rocker and concave, offering a versatile and comfortable ride. Its subtle flex and lightweight design, featuring a bamboo core and fiberglass construction, make it ideal for cruising and freeride adventures. Equipped with Paris V2 150mm trucks, Orangatang 65mm wheels, and Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, the Chinchiller ensures smooth handling and responsive performance. Embrace the thrill with this Kyle Chin collaboration, adorned with unique RETOKA artwork, offering both style and functionality for skaters seeking a mix of comfort and creativity.


Hybrid longboards combine elements of traditional skateboards and modern longboard design and construction. Hybrid boards provide the user with the ability to snap ollies or do other street-skating tricks but also provide a longer wheelbase to make commuting and standing on board more comfortable. For those looking for something small and easy to carry, check out the Loaded Poke. If you want a more robust yet modern take on the traditional skateboard, check out the board page for the Kanthaka. For a truly unique hybrid experience using old-school designs combined with moderate flex, be sure to look into the Loaded Overland.

Omakase by Loaded Boards
Discover the versatile Loaded Omakase longboard, ideal for cruising, commuting, freeride, and freestyle. Measuring 33.5″ in length and 10″ in width, this compact and stable board offers a unique blend of agility and stability. Features include a rocker profile, lightweight bamboo and fiberglass construction, and a choice of two wheelbase options (20.75-22″) for customized handling. Perfect for both analog and electric skateboarding, the Omakase comes in two styles Palm and Roe, with laser-etched graphics and high-quality components like Paris V3 trucks and Orangatang wheels. Experience curvaceous confidence and superior performance with the Omakase longboard.
Coyote by Loaded Boards
Discover the versatile Coyote longboard, a lightweight 30.75 city slasher ideal for freeride, freestyle, and urban cruising. Featuring a compact, locker-friendly design with a beefy tail and mild concave, it offers exceptional maneuverability for slides and tricks. This 7-ply maple skateboard, part of the Artist Series, showcases unique graphics by Hola Lou, blending abstract, minimalistic art with a Latino heritage touch. Perfect for skaters who value style, performance, and affordability in their ride.
Ballona by Loaded Boards
Experience the thrill of mini cruising with the Loaded Ballona, a 27.75 agile and lightweight mini longboard. Designed for urban commuting and skatepark flow, it features a unique Whale Belly concave for secure footing and enhanced agility. The Ballonas two wheelbase options (14.75-16) cater to both stability and maneuverability, making it perfect for tricks and carving. Its 7-ply maple construction ensures stiffness and smooth rides, while the artistic graphics by Tomás Güereña add a touch of style to your skating adventures.
Poke by Loaded Boards
Long Live Poke longboard, 34 inches, perfect for urban exploring, featuring kicktails, concave, rocker, wheel well flares for carving, pumping, commuting, freestyle, and freeride adventures.


Downhill/Freeride Boards are designed to be stable and safe at high speeds. Compared to the rest of the Loaded lineup, these boards focus on being stiff and keeping the user glued to the top of the board. All of the boards are top mounted for ideal leverage and control, but also feature a rockered platform to keep you slightly lower to the ground and craddled, wheel flares to fit larger wheels and give you a reference point for your feet, and W concave that provides a lump running through the center of the board to aid in slide control.

The Tesseract family, which include the Cantellated and Truncated versions, as well as the Loaded Chubby Unicorn BloodSlayer are the ideal boards for experimenting with going fast and busting out big slides. You can find which one best suits your style by visiting their board pages.

Tesseract by Loaded Boards
THE SPORK OF MODERN, ALL-TERRAIN SKATEBOARDING: Boost Your Skills with Longboards for Carving, Cruising, Pumping, and SnowboardingThe Tesseract longboard combines advanced features like rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options. This lightweight skateboard is specifically designed for tackling hilly descents, executing snappy slides, achieving lofty ollies, mastering techy manual combos, and performing cross-steps galore. With a length of 39 inches, it offers versatility for various riding styles including freeride, freestyle, and dancing.
EMBRACE THE FOURTH DIMENSION Longboards for Carving, Cruising, Pumping, and Snowboarding. The Cantellated Tesseract is a versatile longboard that combines rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options. This lightweight board is specifically designed for high speeds, snappy slides, lofty ollies, and techy manual combos. With a length of 36 inches, it offers a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. Styles: Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle.
Truncated Tesseract by Loaded Boards
Truncated Tesseract longboard, 33 inches, ideal for downhill and freeride, featuring a rocker, W concave, wheel well flares, and adjustable wheelbase for high-speed stability and agile slides on mountain roads.


We hope these categories will help you make your decision in which board to add to your quiver or which board to start you longboarding adventure with. If you want to find out more information on each specific board, visit the board page to grab the specs and a closer look at what makes it unique. Though we like to design our boards to excel in a certain style of riding, many of them can cross over into other styles, expanding your versatility and riding experience. The Blood Slayer is stiff for downhill, but its spacious platform makes for a fun dancing experience. The Bhangra is long and flexible, but the stiffer flexes make for a fun sliding experience. Don’t feel confined to ride a certain way, explore what styles you like the most and you might just find yourself having more fun than you originally intended.