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  • The Push, While Seated. Back Home with Rick Stubblefield

    Shred ‘till you’re dead!

    It was pretty incredible on a daily basis. There were plenty of times where things would change dramatically every twenty miles or so.  Going from the most serene (beautiful pavement,  the smell of flowers, gorgeous views) to the most terrifying (no shoulder, trucks barreling by at breakneck speeds and rough pavement) and then back to serenity.  An ever changing rotation of beautiful scenery and scary traffic.

  • Paul Kent Interview from the road June 30th 2023

    Spidey Sense and Military training: My spidey senses are still working from my years of doing this kind of stuff. I can hear the trucks coming from way off.  I feel it more than hear it.  In the army I did reconnaissance and they taught me a trick to increase hearing resolution:  You cup your ears and open your mouth and it increases your perception. First it’s a feeling and then it’s a faint sound.  And I can hone in on it and focus on it as the sound grows.