Challenge Series

    Learn more with our Buyer's Guide

    Learn more with our Buyer's Guide

    Loaded Challenge Series: Foundations

    We first introduced the Loaded Challenge Series in 2007 with the goal of inspiring more people to get into longboarding and to build confidence in their riding.

    We’re excited to present Foundations, an evergreen series of challenges designed to help you develop a variety of fundamental skills on a skateboard.

    The challenges, along with all the info you need to know, can be found below. Read on to learn more!

    1. Successfully complete a minimum of 8 challenges to receive a 10% discount at loadedboards.com.

    2. You may use any board (or boards) to complete the challenges.

    3. Complete 10 challenges to receive a 15% discount at loadedboards.com.

    4. Completed challenges must be compiled into and submitted as one single video submission. Please do not submit individual challenges as separate videos.

    5. Completed challenges must be sorted in order from 1-10 in your video submission.

    6. Video submissions must be under 2 minutes in length.

    7. Video submissions must be posted directly to the Loaded Challenge Series Facebook Group.*

    8. Video submissions must include #submission in the description.

    9. Only one video submission per person for the Foundations series and for each special event.

    10. Loaded will review submissions weekly and provide feedback on your submission status. Upon successful completion, we’ll contact you directly via Messenger with your discount code.

    11. Discount codes must be used within 30 days from when they are issued. Orders are limited to a maximum value of $750 before discount and shipping. Exclusions may apply.

    12. We encourage participants to engage in positive and constructive dialogue in the Loaded Challenge Series Facebook Group!

    * Don't have Facebook? Send us your video submission link here and we'll take care of you.