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  • A Simple Tale on Self Actualization and Personal Autonomy

    By Ari Chamasmany 03-07-24 I drew a lot of my influence from longboard surfing, which I was into long before I started skateboarding. When there w...
  • Celebrating 21 years of Loaded Boards (Barely Legal?)

    It’s been 21 years since the launch of Loaded Boards starting with the launch of the original Vanguard.  There’s a ton to be grateful for, lots to celebrate, so many amazing people to appreciate, bucket loads of good times, some hard times, a lot of mistakes and a whole bunch of significant learnings. Most importantly, we're having more fun than ever and hope to continue this adventure for as long as possible.
  • Outlaw at the Snake

    Writing & Photography by Ari "Shark" Chamasmany

    It has always been a pillar of the LA skate-scape. A fabled roadway that has not only served as a benchmark for the Southern California downhill skateboarding scene, but also as a testing platform for some of the most iconic skate products to ever to grace the discipline. A hallowed stretch of asphalt that riders have journeyed the world over to skate. Something of a high bar, a slithering ribbon of road that demands respect, skill, and courage. The Snake, Lookout, Mulholland, whatever you choose to refer to it as, has come to represent a certain mark of downhill skateboarding prowess.

    Pre-race prep.