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  • Would You Push Across America? 🛹🌎

    The Push: A Skateboarding Relay Across the United States

    Today, the team of Paul Kent, Miles Kipper, Andy Andras, and Rick Stubblefield will attempt to set the fastest known time for a skateboarding relay across America. The push began on the morning of June 20th in Williamsburg, Virginia and will finish in Newport, Oregon. Read on for history on previous cross country trips and details about this trip.  More posts to come.

  • Introducing the Loaded Chinchiller


    Compact and comfy, the Chinchiller is a carving and pumping board designed for maximum fun. Mild rocker and concave, subtle flex, and easy handling make it accessible and intuitive, while the symmetrical shape and mellow kicks offer the versatility to add a bit of freestyle and freeride spice to your daily ride.

  • Amp Skate: Skate Culture and Knowledge Resource

      We're super excited to see the growth of Amp Skate over the past few months and wanted to share this with you. This is a big step in the progres...
  • From One Shredder to Another: Dad Bods

    Daniel Versa shares his experiences and mishaps of the past six months skating and experimenting with the most extreme Orangatang Wheels to date: the 105mm Dad Bods.
  • Behind the Scenes: Filming "Solace" with the Loaded Tarab II

    It's been over three years since I got to hang out with Loaded Ambassador (and mega-homie) Lotfi Lamaali. The last time I saw him we were shooting a grueling desert-based video for the Bhangra V2 back in 2019. It was only fitting that we stick to our routine and do it all again for the new and improved Tarab II.

  • A Long-Awaited Return: The Loaded Tarab II


    Since 2008 Loaded has been on the forefront of longboard dancing. The Tarab II deepens our roots and seeks to advance modern longboard dancing through thoughtful design and material evolution. Ideal for riders who want a versatile and well-rounded platform for surfy boardwalking lines, smooth freestyle trickery, and everything in between.

    Move around. Find your flow.

  • Presenting the Loaded Ballona


    Agile, compact, and light, the Loaded Ballona elevates the mini cruiser experience. Meticulously sculpted curvatures result in a unique mini “longboard” with tuned steering and responsive handling. Perfect for urban commuting, people slalom, driveway slashing, pump tracks, and skatepark flow, the Ballona is small in stature yet colossal in character.

  • Short Treks on Skate Decks | Paul Kent in the Good, Ugly, and Badlands

    Why the Badlands? One day in early spring 2021, my podcast co-host Josh and I were out taking photos and testing a new type of ultralight backpack....
  • Welcoming Jeff Corsi

    We’re stoked to bring the almighty Jeff Corsi to the Loaded family!

    With his iconic fast-footwork and mind bending dancing combos, Jeff brings a strong passion for the longboard dancing community and a love of spreading the shreducation!

    “Thrilled to be back on the board I used to ride 9 years ago... I started my riding path with Loaded and I will finish with. As everything in life, it’s a loop.” - Jeff

    Follow Jeff on Instagram: @jeff__corsi

    Learn more about Jeff's boards of choice: the Bhangra V2 and Mata Hari

  • Behind the Scenes of the Mata Hari Video

    I am proud of what Ethan, Nick, and I made together and I look forward to the next project. I will not skate at El Mirage again though so please don’t invite me to go there.

    Written by Mark Ponce. Photos by Ethan Cochard & Nick Jones.

    In a tight time crunch, three days was all we had to film for the release video of the Loaded Mata Hari. This short time frame forced us into dealing with the hardships of the situations that arose during the shoot, no matter the circumstances.

  • Outlaw at the Snake

    Writing & Photography by Ari "Shark" Chamasmany

    It has always been a pillar of the LA skate-scape. A fabled roadway that has not only served as a benchmark for the Southern California downhill skateboarding scene, but also as a testing platform for some of the most iconic skate products to ever to grace the discipline. A hallowed stretch of asphalt that riders have journeyed the world over to skate. Something of a high bar, a slithering ribbon of road that demands respect, skill, and courage. The Snake, Lookout, Mulholland, whatever you choose to refer to it as, has come to represent a certain mark of downhill skateboarding prowess.

    Pre-race prep.
  • Out in the Streets: The Loaded Coyote "Hola Lou"

    After nearly a year of pandemic-induced hibernation we're finally starting to wake up, just in time for spring with at least one fresh new look: the Loaded Coyote Hola Lou edition.