The Past is a Dream. The future is Electric. The Evolve x Loaded Onirique E-Skate

Onirique in action

Introducing the Onirique. A collaboration between Loaded and Evolve.

We've been friends with the crew at Evolve for over 10 years. They are an amazing group of people and are leading the charge in growing e-skate in an organic and authentic fashion. They embody the values that we believe in:

  • Using skateboarding as a vehicle to spread stoke.  
  • Building community
  • Dedicated to constant improvement

For this project Evolve gave us relatively free reign to create a brand new deck using their Stoke board electric components.  Evolve supplied the name: Onirique, meaning dream like. We used that as a springboard to design a relatively small, relatively wide, highly ergonomic, damp and bomb proof deck in order to expand the current e-skate dialogue through both function and form. 

Evolve updated the batteries to make them have even longer range.  They also implemented their stunning new bash guards.  

We're super proud of this project and hope this is the first of many such projects that we do together.  

Here's more insights on behind the scenes:






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