"Further" Behind the Scenes With Jeff Corsi

We recently had the chance to sit down (on separate devices across the world) with our good friend Jeff Corsi to learn more about his time here in Los Angeles and filming "Further". Read on for more info about conceiving, shooting, and realizing "Further" and even a nice personal story that made shooting the video all the more special for Jeff.

Check out "Further" here.

Or see more of Jeff's skating on his Instagram account.

And learn more about Jeff's go-to board, the Tarab II.

What is the process like conceiving the video?

At first I was supposed to film with Lotfi Laamali for the release of the Tarab II but it unfortunately did not happen because our schedules never lined up while Lotfi was in California and I was not.

So I asked Ethan if we could film a part at a later date. A few months after, I booked my flight from Paris to LA I asked Ethan if I could make a second video for the Tarab II, kind of like a V2 of “Solace” with a different mood. Ethan and I were hyped about the idea and we made it happen.

Did you have specific tricks in mind you wanted to attempt, and do different locations inspire different tricks/lines/styles?

I always have combos in mind. Competitions teach you that.

Some are pretty easy to do because I have been doing them for years and I have strong muscle memories with them, but the newer ones are pretty hard for a video shoot when you want the perfect frame and you have to nail it pretty quickly.
And yes, I’m the kind of guy who learns a few new things and wants to try to repeat it thousands of times until I get it.


How did (or does) Los Angeles inspire your riding?

Man…Los Angeles has always been something big for me. Through music, films and pop culture, LA has culturally influenced France (and European culture in general), from back in the 90’s and is still so important today.

Moreover, it was my first time there and to be honest I was very positively surprised with the “Cali Vibes”. I really fell in love with LA, and Venice and the whole neighborhood all around there. I've traveled to Chicago, Boston, NYC, San Francisco, but LA is by far my favorite one.

What was it like collaborating with the filmmaker (Ethan Cochard) for "Further"?

Ethan is a big inspiration for me in many ways. First because when I started my longboard journey I was inspired by his riding skills. But also because he is an amazing filmmaker, with strong artistic knowledge and is super technical.

I was really happy to work with him from early in the morning all the way until the sunset for 3 days. He was easy going and super mellow and we had great time together.

For me, shooting is always an interesting experience where you learn about yourself, the people you work with, and the world around you.

But filming "Further" was very powerful for me. One of the best shooting experiences I've had in my life so far.

Talk us through your setup; what about the Tarab II are you drawn to and why blue Stims?

So I use the Tarab II because it is a interesting versatile board. I love the shape and the design of this board.

For the wheels I use the Stimulus 77A. They grip the ground when I do fast carving steps and are super soft. With these it’s harder for my board to do slides and I can hold a better position while trying new tricks and steps.

And of course I add shock pads to avoid wheel bite.

Were there any lines or tricks that you struggled with ?

There is one sequence on the video which was hard to do and we had to repeat it several times.

The nose manual to aeroslash on the crosswalk at 1 min 25 seconds was so hard to do because of all the cars and traffic all around, and having to get it just right in the frame.

Many thanks to Ethan for the patience haha!

Besides skating, how was your time in LA ?

It was incredible. I wanna say a big thanks to Ryan Ricker for hosting my fiancée Cécile and I for almost a week in Venice.

I also got to skate a Gel Lab hosted by the incredible Ari Chamasmany. Everybody who visits LA should try this experience, it is crazy insane.

Any skate spots you enjoyed ?

I have several strong and beautiful memories but the one which was the most incredible was skating on the top of a skyscraper at the beginning of the video.

Thanks to our good friend Daniel aka VRSA for the possibility, we went to this location early in the morning and we shot above the city a few moments of riding and some quick lines.

For those shots It was important for me to get straight to the point. We only had few minutes to make it happen but Ethan and I knocked it out.

Favorite neighborhood?

Venice by far. No doubt about it.

Any hidden stories behind the video?

I asked my girlfriend Cecile for engagement a few days after finishing shooting, but I did not know exactly where I wanted to ask her. But the funny story is that I ended up doing it in Malibu, at Point Dume.

Coincidentally, this is where I’m looking out on the last shot of the video, at the place where I later proposed.

While filming "Further", I didn't know it at the time, but that's where eventually I asked the big question. So that’s also why this video means a lot to me.

Final thoughts?

Many thanks to Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels for making it happen and I’m super grateful to be a part of this wonderful family.

Much love right back at ya Jeff, and here's to many more epic adventures on longboards! - Team Loaded

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