Would You Push Across America? 🛹🌎

The Push: A Skateboarding Relay Across the United States

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The route of the Push skateboard relay across America

Today, the team of Paul Kent, Miles Kipper, Andy Andras, and Rick Stubblefield will attempt to set the fastest known time for a skateboarding relay across America. The push began on the morning of June 20th in Williamsburg, Virginia and will finish in Newport, Oregon. Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels couldn't be more excited to be sponsors for this epic skate, and are thrilled that all four team members will be riding Orangatang wheels. 

Paul Kent jamming

This team was handpicked due to their accomplishments in the Endurance Skateboarding world and are not only looking to complete the 3,000 mile journey but to do it as fast and efficiently as an endurance athlete would. Long distance skateboarding pioneer Jack Smith and his son Dylan Smith will serve as the support team.

Miles Kipper Chilling

Sound a little crazy? Well, there's some history at play here. In 1976 Jack Smith, Jeff French, and Mike Filben pushed their skateboards across America in 32 days using the leapfrog relay method. In 1984 Gary Fluitt, Paul Dunn, Bob Denike, and Jack Smith made the crossing in 26 days. In 2003 and 2013 teams pushed across America in 21 and 23 days, respectively.  Not too shabby!

Andy Andras carries a big stick

Here’s a link to a short film about the 1976 push that takes an in-depth look at just how incredible of a feat that first cross-country skate really was.

Rick Stubblefield being present

We'll be covering the crew as they make their way west and invite you to follow along and support. Check back for frequent updates and exclusive content. Push On Y'all!

To follow the team visit:
Instagram – @thepushskaterelay
YouTube - @ThePush-SkateAcrossAmerica
Facebook - The Push A Skate Relay Across America

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