A Long-Awaited Return: The Loaded Tarab II

Loaded Tarab II



Since 2008 Loaded has been on the forefront of longboard dancing. The Tarab II deepens our roots and seeks to advance modern longboard dancing through thoughtful design and material evolution. Ideal for riders who want a versatile and well-rounded platform for surfy boardwalking lines, smooth freestyle trickery, and everything in between.

Move around. Find your flow.

Available now here and at your favorite skate shop.


The Tarab II can handle everything on the dancing spectrum, from relaxed surf-style footwork and cruising to more technical freestyle tricks and combos. It's made for riders who like the comfortable and damp feel of a tailored flex board, appreciate a slightly longer deck for more foot space, and prefer more mild kicktail angles for that classic longboard-style leverage.

Available in two distinct flexes, each with two updated wheelbase options to accommodate a variety of riding preferences. Our recommended setup for the Tarab II is Paris V3 180mm 50° trucks with Orangatang 65mm Fat Free wheels in the yellow 86a formula.


Loaded Tarab II

Lotfi Lamaali on the Loaded Tarab II

Soraya Zain and Brian Adler on the Loaded Tarab II

Loaded Tarab II

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