Ayumi Oride

Name: Ayumi Oride

Birthday: 11-30

Hometown: Yokohama, Japan

What do you do with your life? Translator, event coordinator and office mole during weekdays, shredding rat on weekends. Also daily-transcity-commuter, mexican culture enthusiast, and pasta lover. 

How long have you been riding for Loaded? Since 2013.

Passions (other than skating)? DIY: getting creative with everything around me. And of course traveling and eating!! 

Favorite Quote/Words of Widsom? “Para todo mal Mezcal, para todo bien también, y sino hay remedio, litro y medio!” 

Custom superhero name and powers? Banana girl: she can give banana any time for anyone low energy and save the day. Also sneak banana peals in front of enemies so that they will slip away unexpectedly. Her worst enemies are policías and immigration officers. 

Instagram: @pitufimin

Ayumi Oride