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Treat yourself.

Replace or upgrade your setup with premium Orangatang urethane wheels and motor liners!

Choose the softest blue 77a durometer for maximum vibration damping and traction, the firmest purple 83a for highest durability and rolling efficiency on smoother surfaces, or the middle orange 80a for a versatile and well-rounded balance of characteristics!

Looking for just the motor liner? Grab one (or two) here.

3 Caguamas / 1 Liner

This upgrade pack is for Solo or Cruiser setups with a single motor.


x3 Orangatang Caguama wheels
x1 Orangatang motor liner
x6 Loaded JEHU Bearings (optional)

2 Caguamas / 2 Liners

This upgrade pack is for Race setups with two motors.


x2 Orangatang Caguama wheels
x2 Orangatang motor liners
x4 Loaded JEHU Bearings (optional)


Wheel and motor liner diameter: 85 mm
Caguama wheel contact patch: 56 mm
Motor Liner contact patch: 58 mm
Rounded lips (slides like butter)
Mild offset
Material: Custom molded high-rebound Orangatang Happy Thane urethane
Durometer: Measure of urethane hardness. Softer urethane (77a-80a and lower) offers more traction and rolls smoother and faster over rough surfaces. Harder urethane (83a-86a and higher) slides more easily, offers greater durability, and rolls faster over smooth surfaces.
blue 77a, orange 80a, purple 83a


For detailed instructions, visit our Motor Liner Removal & Maintenance support article.