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The Fattail is a modernized take on the classic pintail longboard designed to keep up with evolutions in riding and performance. Perfect for carving, pumping, and any situation where lively, energetic lines are on the menu.


Length: 38" / 96.5 cm
Width: 8.6" / 22 cm
Wheelbase: 26.5-27.4" / 67.3-69.6 cm
Profile: camber
Weight (deck only): 3 lb / 1.4 kg


  • Flex 1: 170-270+ lb / 75-122+ kg
  • Flex 2: 125-215+ lb / 55-95+ kg
  • Flex 3: 75-175+ lb / 35-80+ kg


  • Deck: Loaded Fattail
  • Trucks: Paris V2 150mm 50° (Raw)
  • Wheels: Orangatang 70mm 4President (80a, orange)
  • Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2
  • Hardware: Loaded button head (1")

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Mild concave braces your feet against g-forces, while the topmount and cambered platform provides energetic and responsive performance. Tapered shape provides comfortable leverage and maximizes wheel clearance for deep turns. An upturned kicktail enables freestyle tricks and surf-style shredding, while a subtle nose kick allows for manuals and shuvits.

STRONG AND LIGHT – Snowboard-inspired composite construction combines vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass for a durable, lightweight, and lively ride.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLEX – Bamboo and fiberglass provide lively and energetic flex perfect for hard carving and pumping.

SUPER SAP – Bio-based epoxy by Entropy Resins. Uses bio-based materials from industrial waste streams such as tree sap to replace petroleum content and reduce the carbon footprint of the epoxy from manufacturing. We've worked closely with Entropy to enhance every major performance characteristic of the resin. Better for the planet, even more fun.