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Create your own low-riding skateboard longboard for next-level urban adventures.

Designed exclusively for Loaded by our friends, the wizards at G/Bomb Skateboards, the Zee Brackets are a game-changing innovation that allows us to create a new generation of low-riding performance vehicles and allows you to create your low-riding masterpiece.

Share your DIY Zee Bracket creations with the hashtag #LoadedZeeBracket!

Contents: two (2) Zee Brackets, eight (8) O-rings


  • Lowers ride height by about 1.5″ / 3.8 cm compared to a top mounted skateboard
  • Big Wheels: accommodates wheels between 75 and 105 mm with no wheelbite
  • Super Stiff: made from fiber-reinforced automotive-grade resin
  • Vibration Damping: Eight urethane O-ring vibration dampers (four per bracket)
  • Trucks: Works with a variety of trucks between 150 and 180 mm. Reverse Kingpin (like Paris, Bear, Caliber) recommended. Works with standard street decks using existing truck mounting holes. IMPORTANT - Install trucks on Zee Bracket in drop-through position.

Recommended equipment:

  • Big Wheels (75-105mm)
  • Reverse Kingpin Trucks (150-180mm)
  • Bearings
  • Skate Hardware (two sets)
  • Griptape
  • Deck: Create your own deck out of an old street deck, a longboard deck, an old snowboard, a plank of wood, your mom’s priceless coffee table, etc.


  • Length: 8.25″ / 21.0 cm
  • Width: 3.25″ / 8.26 cm
  • Height: 2.25″ / 5.72 cm
  • Weight (pair): 0.875 lb / 0.4 kg
  • Two Zee Brackets add 9.25″ / 23.5 cm to deck wheelbase
  • Designed for riders up to 250 lb / 113 kg under normal use. Riders 250-300 lb / 113-136 kg should minimize aggressive pumping.

DIY double-drop

If you're mounting the Zee Bracket on your own deck, you might need to do some chopping. Luckily, we include a handy template on the lid of the box to help you get just the right fit. You can download the PDF here, as well (print at 100% scale).

Loaded Zee Bracket template

The heart of the Loaded Fathom

The Zee Bracket is here to bring all your custom double-drop longboard visions to life. For a curated Loaded experience, check out the Fathom.

Loaded Fathom

Print your own tail nub

We designed an optional free 3D-printable nub that can be attached to the rear truck, allowing you to pop your board up. It can also allow you to balance your board vertically on end (depending on wheel choice).

The STL file is in millimeters. Print at 100% size. The centers of the holes should be 1.625″ or 41.275mm apart. We recommend a 100% infill for maximum strength.

Loaded Fathom with tail nub