More meat for your streets to eat! Presenting the all-new Orangatang 73mm Beefcake.

The Orangatang Beefcake is here to add some bronzed brawn and brains to your freeride fantasies. The burly shape, stone-ground contact patch, and muscular roundovers provide consistent lip shape for smooth, catch-free slides and effortless slide initiation. Designed for high-speed freeride and technical sliding alike, these hulking specimens score best in show for throwing slides and linking rotations run after run after run.

Available for immediate dispatch here and at your favorite skate shop.

It's right for you if you are looking for an adaptable freeride wheel that makes learning the sliding arts super easy. Or if you are an advanced freerider looking for high roll speed, predictable hookup and release, and a larger size for a long lifespan. Also, if you are a highly technical freerider looking for that soft-wheel feel to link rotations, throw slide shuv-its, blunt slides, and whatever new wild tech slide you can invent next.

The Orangatang Beefcake has a progressive contemporary shape perfect for all applications of freeriding. Large stone-ground roundovers provide consistent lip shape for smooth, catch-free slides throughout the life of the wheel. The stone-ground contact patch guarantees predictable and buttery slides right out of the box. The centerset core and bearing seat allow the rider to flip the wheels for added longevity. The jacked amount of proprietary Happy Thane urethane also delivers a high amount of rolling comfort and a prolonged wheel lifespan.

The Beefcake’s core is made up of high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane that supports the rounded lips. With an eye-catching color, the 35x38mm core has a deep valley-shaped cross section that keeps the lips firmly supported, promoting smooth, consistent slides, even wear, and dependable longevity.

The Beefcake works well with a wide variety of Loaded setups, but we really enjoy it with the following:

  • Basalt Tesseract — Symmetrical double-kick to inspire the ultimate in freeride and slopestyle creativity. Pair with Paris 180mm 43° trucks.
  • Omakase — Compact single-kick for shredding neighborhood runs and driveway slashing. Pair with Paris 165mm 50° trucks.
  • Truncated Tesseract — Dedicated downhill drifting device. Pair with Paris 180mm 43° trucks.

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