Vanguard Re-Design Contest Winner(s)

on 11/02/2008, 19:45.

We've picked a winner! Yeah!

Thank you all for your votes, they have been a big help in guiding our final decision. We have decided not to pick a winner. Hehehe, we've decided to pick 3 winners and we've notified the Artists. There were just too many awesome submissions--and even picking 3 doesn't do justice to all the great submissions. A big and sincere thanks to all who got involved.

Here's what we're going to do: We will do runs of 1,500 boards with one graphic. When they sell out, we will do 1,500 of the next graphic and so on. The catch is that we are going to keep the next 2 graphics we picked as a surprise. This way we can keep things fresh, have the graphic be limited editions and keep you on your toes. We will be working with the respective Artists on each of the graphics to dial them in. We like to get our hands dirty and we feel that all of them need to be tweaked at least slightly to fully reflect the heart and soul of Loaded.

The 1st graphic we are going to print is Flying Fishes by Alex Liki of Brazil. Check out his website at and polish up on your Portuguese.

 We decided to go with this graphic first because it references the current design while switching metaphors to the birds of the sea, the Malolos (as the Hawaiians call them).  It reflects the beauty and flow of the board, while emphasizing the beauty of the construction.

We will be doing some tweaks to the color palette and the composition. We'll keep you posted. We are not sure when we are going to release the first batch... roughly around mid-2008. But we will let you know when we do. Thanks again for your support, and your involvement.

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