Speedboard Proto-type #2

on 20/11/2007, 09:42.

BOARD DEVELOPMENT (Speed board): Bonelli Race Photos

So folks, we finished Proto-type round 2 speedboards the other day and guess what They are stiff, and damp, HURRAY! First we are focusing on dialing in the materials and flex characteristics. And we think we’re almost there. Next we will start refining the shape, camber and concave—because they aren’t yet where we need them to be. When this board is finished it will look nothing like the above pic. Remember this is a proto-type....

MATERIALS: These boards have a bamboo core for stiffness, suspension and energy return. We’ve sandwiched this core between a dense layer of foam to enhance stiffness and provide vibration dampening. This bamboo/foam sandwich is itself sandwiched between fiberglass and epoxy to provide further strength and stiffness. For the finishing layer we’re testing thin, textured urethane sheeting and/or UHMW, both of which provide further dampening.

SHAPE: As you can see we altered the shape from proto #1 to this current shape. The deck has a 1 inch longer platform and wheelbase, and the front and back curvatures are wider giving your front foot more space. After racing at Bonneli this weekend and getting feedback from a bunch of riders, I have some great ideas on how to improve the function of the shape. And yes the board looks like the dervish so we are going to change up the shape to make it look different. Currently the board has drop thru cut outs which I end up top mounting. We’re thinking of moving away from dropthru mounting for the next round because Louie and I prefer riding a top mount; better suits our style and the boards grips better around turns. Proto-drawlings compared

CAMBER: Haha just the word “camber” would freak out any downhill skateboarder, but yes our prototype has camber. Our perspective is that a small amount of camber is necessary to provide suspension and energy absorption. Further, this camber helps maintain your energy through the turns. Too much camber will make the board twitchy, noodley and unpredictable at high speeds. We are therefore working to reduce the camber to a minimal amount.

CONCLUSION: The proto test-run felt great at the Bonelli Race and we will continue testing it further and at higher speeds. A number of changes are about to happen to the board and we will keep you posted on the development.

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